Volume 4 Issue 3

Performance Evaluation of Natural Ventilation Devices to Improve Thermal Comfort of a Computer Lab of University Building Using CFD as a Tool [Download]

Dipesh Kumar, Abhishek Jatav


Study on the Demolition Waste Management in Malaysia Construction Industry [Download]

Gunalaan Vasudevan


Design and Fabrication of Muffler for Four Stroke Diesel Engine [Download]

S.Balamurugan, N.Jeyaprakash, K.Manikandan


The Design of Earth Air Tunnel Heat Exchanger System for an Institute Library [Download]

Sunil Kumar Khandelwal, Anuj Mathur, G. D. Agrawal


A Comparative Study of Various Data Transformation Techniques in Data Mining [Download]

Km. Swati, Dr. Sanjay Kumar


Crack Detection of Medical Bone Image Using Contrast Stretching Algorithm with the Help of Edge Detection [Download]

Shubham Yelne , Rupali Tomar , Ankush Jadhao , Roshan Boriwar


Four Wave Mixing Nonlinearity Effect in WDM Radio over Fiber System [Download]

Surbhi Jain, Brintha Therese A.


Fundamentals and Applications of Transducers Technology and Sensors in Measuring Methodology


Nwosu, A.W. , Eke, V.O.C.


Effect of Molybdenum Disulfide Particle Sizes on Wear Performance of Commercial Lubricant [Download]

S. M. Muzakkir , Harish Hirani


Pseudospherical Surfaces and Evolution Equations in Higher Dimensions [Download]

M.F. El-Sabbagh, K.R. Abdo


Hot Standby Router Protocol for a Private University in Malaysia [Download]

Ala Mohamed Ali Mohamed; Joseph Ng Poh Soon;Wong See Wan; Phan Koo Yuen; Lim Ean Heng


Reduction of PAPR through PTS Technique in MC-CDMA [Download]

Rubina, Er.D.P Chechi


Design of Innovative Engine Valve: Background and Need [Download]

S. M. Muzakkir, M. G. Patil , Harish Hirani


Fracturing and Deformation Characteristics of Aluminium Preform during Cold Forging at Low Strain Rates [Download]

Shrikant Jaina, Dr. R. K. Ranjanb, Dr. Surender Kumar


Effective Surface Active Agents for Improving Colorfastness of Reactive Dyeing [Download]

Salima Sultana Shimo, Sumon Mazumder


Feature Extraction of Rich Texture Document [Download]

Miss. Prajwalita Satish Ravan, Dr. Shrinivas A. Patil, Mr. Swapnil V. Vanmore


Design and Analysis of Leaf Spring – Using FEA Approach [Download]

Hareesh K , Thillikkani S.


Implementation of PV System with Two Inductor Buck Boost Converter [Download]

T.Jeevanandham, M.Raja


Research on Optimization of Plunge Centerless Grinding Process using Genetic Algorithm and Response Surface Method [Download]

Phan Bui Khoi, Do Duc Trung, Ngo Cuong, Nguyen Dinh Man


Design of Innovative Engine Valve [Download]

S. M. Muzakkir, M. G. Patil , Harish Hirani


IP Redundancy and Load Balancing With Gateway Load Balancing Protocol [Download]

Sathis Kumar Batumalai, Joseph Ng Poh Soon, Choo Peng Yin, Wong See Wan, Phan Koo Yuen,Lim Eng Heng


Modelling the Effect of Income and Car Ownership on Recreational Trip in Akure ,Nigeria[Download]

Busari Ayobami Adebola , Owolabi Adebayo, Modupe Abayomi Emmanuel

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