Volume 6 Issue 1

Four Stage Scheduling of Steel Making using Earliest Deadline First Algorithm [Download]

P.Chandra Sekhar, PS Avadhani , P. Suresh Varma, NRMR Bhargava


Alkaline Leaching of a Uranium Metal from the Ore Using EDTA [Download]

Purushotham, P. Bhavya Manjeera, P. J. Rao


Performance Evaluation of Expansion Turbine Gas Cooler in a Steel Plant [Download]

T.Eswar Rao, P. S. Kishore


Design and Implementation of an Android System for Indoor Positioning Using WLAN Finger Print Scheme [Download]

Dr. Ammar Dawood Jasim, Hiba Hussein Marza


Performance Evaluation for ICN over Custom-SDN Network [Download]

Mareb H. Atiyah, Dr. Ammar D. Jasim


Optical Design of Two Dimension Compound Parabolic Solar Thermal Concentrator [Download]

Dr. Alaa H. Shneishil


Fuzzy Logic Based Power Factor Correction for BLDC Drive [Download]

S.Divya, Dr. S.Jaganathan


CFD Analysis of a 210 MW Tangential Fired Boiler [Download]

Jaladi Himachandra, L.S.V Prasad


Estimation of Parameters in the Growth Curve Model with a Linearly Structured Covariance Matrix-A Simulation Study [Download]

Cassien Habyarimana, Martin Sinngull, Joseph Nzabanita


Information Security in Cloud Computing: A systematic Literature Review and Analysis [Download]

Dinesh Taneja,  S S Tyagi

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