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This issue was published on Nov. 01, 2012

Effect of Nano Fillers on Polyphosphazene Elastomer under the influence of Temperature and Radiation: A Comparative Study

Mrinal Kanti Kundu, Chapal Kumar Das, Vineeta Nigam, Arvind Kumar Saxena, Uwe Gohs

PDF | Open Access

Price Based Unit Commitment Problem Under Deregulation

P.V. Rama Krishna, Sukhdeo Sao

PDF | Open Access

Variation Of Electrical Characteristics Of EMI Shielding Materials Coated with Ceramic Microspheres

Tousif Khan N.

PDF | Open Access

Crude Oil Production Optimization & Reduction In Emission Of Harmful Gases By PAIGL Technology

Siraj Bhatkar, Dr. L. K Kshirsagar, D. S. Bhutada, U Mithun Charavarthi, Dr. P.B Jadhav, Anand Gupta

PDF | Open Access

Performance of RFID with AWGN and Rayleigh Fading Channels

Kamna Mishra, Divya Jain, Vikas Gupta

PDF | Open Access

Analysis of Relative Permittivity and Tan Delta Characteristics of Silicone Rubber Based Nano-composites

B.Gurukarthik Babu, D. Edison Selvaraj, R. Srinivas, B. Guru Prakash, R. Vishnu Prakash, E. Muthupandi, R. Balakumar

PDF | Open Access

Employing Functional Analysis to Study Fault Models in VHDL

Venkatesh Kumar N, Mujeeb Ulla Jeelani, Amritha Mulay V, Anoop S Shandilya

PDF | Open Access

Shunt and Series Active Filters Based Power Quality Conditioners for Matrix Converter

Shubra Goel, Arif Khan, Omveer Singh

PDF | Open Access

Removal of Arsenic by Phytoremediation - A Study of Two Plant Spices

Sateesh N. Hosamane

PDF | Open Access

Upgradation of Power flow in EHV AC transmission

K. K. Vasishta Kumar, K. Sathish Kumar

PDF | Open Access

Acoustic & Mechanical Properties of Neoprene Rubber for Encapsulation of Underwater Transducers

Pradeep Kumar Garu, Tapan Kumar Chaki

PDF | Open Access

Fast & Automatic Verification Of Authentication & Key Exchange Protocol

Naresh Chetwani, Javed A Khan

PDF | Open Access

Comparison between Mesh and Custom Topologies of Network-on-Chip Architectures

Deepika Pandey, Kamlesh Gupta

PDF | Open Access

An Efficient Method for face Recognition Using Kernel Discriminant Analysis

Dipali M. Shimpi

PDF | Open Access

Behavior of A Manufacturing System In Terms of Performance Parameters Under The Control of Different JIT Techniques

A.P. Edlabadkar, S. P. Untawale

PDF | Open Access

On New Quadrature Rules Based On Mixed Spline Functions

On New Quadrature Rules Based on Mixed Spline Function


PDF | Open Access


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