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CFP for Vol. 7 Issue 3

Last Date: 10 Feb

Pub. Date : 1 March 18

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An Intuitionstic Fuzzy Meet Semi L- Filter (Download)

R. Arimalar, Dr. B. Anandh

Catalyst Deactivation and Regeneration (Download)

Santosh Walke, Sagar Kambale

Laboratory and Full-Scale Simulations of the Behaviour of Reinforced Cement-Admixed Non-Plastic Soil for Deep Mixing Applications (Download)

Randy P. Asturias, Glen A. Lorenzo

Remote Software of Double Crystal Monochromator for ADXRD Beamline(Download)

Priya Tiwari, Amit Mittal, S.R. Kane

Review on Comparison of Different OFDM Symbol Timing Synchronization Algorithms (Download)

Ravi Kant Gupta , Anuj Jain

Minimizing Hot and Cold Utility Requirements for Vegetable Oil Refinery Plant Using Pinch Analysis (Download)

Bello Zubairu, Bitrus K. Highina , Babagana Gutti

Comparison on Two Harmonic Current Determinate Methods of p-q and ip-iq(Download)

VanBao Chau ,   CongPhuong Vo ,  MinhThuyen Chau

Performance Evaluation of 100% Viscose Rayon Fabric Pre-treated with Different Alkalis (Download)

Nawshin Farzana, Faizul Haque, Fatima Binta Satter isha

Monitoring and Controlling of Air Pollution Using Intelligent Control System(Download)


Development of Composite Material Testing Facility for Cryogenic Fuel Tank Applications (Download)

Sandeep Singh, Karthik Sunil, Prudhvinath Reddy, Idris Syed Mahaboob, Raja Sekhar Dondapati

Preliminary Investigation Regarding Swelling Behaviour of Soil of Southern Region of KPK, Pakistan (Download)

Zia ur Rahman,Dr-Irshad Ahmad,Dr-Fayaz Ahmad Khan, Wuheed ur Rehman

Pitch Detection of Speech Signal Using Wavelet Transform (Download)

Amin Shadravan Lalezari, Jalil Shirazi

Tehran Subway Tunnel Settlement Analysis by Using Analytical, Experimental and Numerical Methods (Case Study: Station of Imam AliUniversity) (Download)

Javad Sadeghi , Hadi Hamidian Shourmasti

Accurate Hybrid Method for Rapid Fault Detection, Classification and Location in Transmission Lines using Wavelet Transform and ANNs(Download)

Kamran Hosseini

A New Approach in Wireless Sensor Network Fingerprinting Localization by Affinity Propagation and K-Nearest Neighbor Method (Download)

Pejman abdollahzadeh karegar

Add a New Input to Neural Network with Genetic Learning Algorithm to Improve Short-Term Load Forecasting (Download)

Vahideh Miryazdi, Mohammad Ghasemzadeh, Ali Mohammad Latif

Zero Power Wireless Sensor Nodes (Download)

A.N. Rengarajan , B. J. Gnanambigai , C. M.Sundarapandian


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