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CFP for Vol. 7 Issue 3

Last Date: 10 Feb

Pub. Date : 1 March 18

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Fingerprint Authenication Using Graph Theory [Download]

Harsh P. Bajaj, Arun Kodnani, Harshit Singhal

Assured Sensitive Data Sharing on a Big Data Platform using Proxy Re-Encryption (PRE) Algorithm [Download]

K.Sudhakar, Y.Rama mohan, P.N.V.S Pavan Kumar, S.Vinay Kumar

Review on Effects of Input Parameters and Design of Experiments on Surface Grinding Process in EN31 material [Download]

Pardeep Ranga, Er. Deepak Gupta

The First Experience of Kidney Transplant?tion in the Clinical Hospital of Almaty [Download]

BaimakhanovB.B., KyzhyrovZh.N., Almabaev.I.A.,SakhipovM.M., ChormanovA.T., Kuandikov ?.?. IbragimovR.P.,Fakhradiev I.R

An Algorithm for Quality Analysis of Contact Lens in Opthalmology (QACLO) Using Fuzzy Expert System [Download]

S.Sumitra,Dr. (Mrs). Ananthi Sheshasaayee

The Influence of Temperature on the Electric Parameters of a Solar Cell Based on Cu(In,Ga)Se2 [Download]

Djimba Niane, Alain Kassine Ehemba, Demba Diallo, Ibrahima Wade, Moustapha Dieng

Effect of [Ga]/[In+Ga] Atomic Ratio on Electric Parameters of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Thin Film Solar Cells [Download]

Ousmane Diagne, Alain Kassine Ehemba, Demba Diallo, Ibrahima Wade, Mouhamadou Mamour Soce, Moustapha Dieng

Non-Linear Equation by using False Position Method [Download]

Tasleem Sultana, Dr.Joythi Shinday

Review on Municipal solid waste collection of Bhopal city [Download]

Rajeev Singh Parihar, Dr.Prashant Baredar, Dr. Anil Sharma

Mis selling – A Bane on Growth of Life Insurance [Download]

S.Subashini,  Dr.R.Velmurugan

Modeling the Effects of the Average Temperature on the Capacitance of an Inorganic Semiconductor in the Presence of Excitons [Download]

Modou Faye, Cheikh Mbow

Measurement of Radon Concentration in Hookah Flavor [Download]

Ali Nadhim Sabbar, Hayder Salah Naeem

MR Image Adaption under Light Intensity Changes [Download]

Keshtgar Amir, Toosizadeh Saeed, Khazae Ali Akbar

Investigation the process of designing spaces for children and the children`s satisfaction rate (Case study: Evaluation of Valency kindergarten in Switzerland and Frankfurt Sashsnhausen kindergarten in Germany) [Download]

Seyed Alireza Hosseini Panah, Anahita Zendeh Delan

Using HAPS to Present a Multi protocols Library by User Demands [Download]

Narjes Sadaghian Moghadam, Dr. A . A Khazaei

The Improvement of Epidemic Routing Algorithm Using Nodes Movement Direction Data in Delay Tolerant Networks [Download]

Behrooz Noraeinejad, Sana Moradi, Mohammad Shiri , MohammadJavad Sayadi

Recognition and Face Detection Using Infrared Images and Visible Light [Download]

Mohammad ali Banaee, Dr. Aliakbar Khazaei

Bandwidth management in the HAPS [Download]

Samira hosseini, Ali akbar khazae

A New Algorithm For Document Classification Based On Weighting Features And Files [Download]

Mahbubeh Ziaee

Using Neural Network to Predict Compressive Strength of Concrete Containing Additives [Download]

Ali Heidari, Neda Heidari, Jamal sheikh


Fractional Order Filter Designing Using Modified Genetic Algorithm [Download]

R.Aparna, Sonika Arora

A Time Based Language Model for Open Chain Movement [Download]

Ali Nourollah, Nooshin Behzadpour


Techno-Herbal Renaissance: Looking As We Leap [Download]

Sevak B. Gurubaxani, Sunil H. Ganatra


Feature Selection in Data Mining using Chemical Reaction Optimization Algorithm [Download]

E. Karam Kiani, M. Sadeghzadeh


Android based Smart House Control via Wireless Communication  [Download]

Sarmla Tharishny, Saravanan Selvan, Umayal, Pratap Nair


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