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CFP for Vol. 7 Issue 3

Last Date: 10 Feb

Pub. Date : 1 March 18

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Flood Analysis of Wainganga River by using HEC-RAS Model [Download]

Heena Ingale, R. V. Shetkar

Classification and Analysis of Techniques Applied in Intrusion Detection Systems [Download]

Calpephore NKIKABAHIZI, Dr Wilson Cheruiyot, Dr Ann Kibe

Elaboration and Characterization of Composite Materials made of Plastic Waste and Sand: Influence of Clay Load [Download]

TRAORE Brahiman, ATCHOLI Kokou Esso, BOFFOUE Moro Olivier ,LACHAT Remy, EMERUWA Edjikm

Production of Biogas from Treated Sugarcane Bagasse [Download]

Sneha Eshore, Chanchal Mondal, Aritra Das

Analysis of Railway Traffic Noise in Mysuru City [Download]

H.G. Vivek Prasad, Mohammed Yasser Shariff, Prajwal K., Sagar R Kurki, Shobih Kumar M.

Sediment Yield Evaluation by Using QSWAT [Download]
Ashwini Purekar, R. M. Damgir

Improvement in Impact Resisting Capacity of Concrete Using Tyre Rubber Dust [Download]

Awadhesh Kumar, Mohit Lamba

Timing Synchronization in Cognitive Radio Systems Using Improved Preamble Structure [Download]

Chandu C. B., Suparna Sreedhar A., Nandan S.

Segmentation of Liver Abnormality based on Label Connected Component Algorithm [Download]

Jayanthi Muthuswamy

Ventilation In Termite Mound : New Solution For Follow In Architecture [Download]

Hamid Abaeian, Ramin Madani, Armin Bahramian

Improving LEACH Protocol Using SFLA Algorithm to Reduce the Energy Consumption of Wireless Sensor Networks [Download]

Rahimeh Ghasemzadeh, AliMohammad Latif

Reducing Losses in a Deregulated Power System with Teaching Learning Based Optimization Algorithm [Download]

M. Mahmoodzadeha, T. Niknamb

The New Planning of Voltage Stability in the Restructured Power System by using Teaching and Learning Algorithm [Download]

M. Mahmoodzadeh, T. Niknam

Removing the Stripes Caused by the Failure in Detector 4 of Band5 of MODIS Sensor [Download]

Mohammadreza Mobasheri, Sima Jafari

Power Consumption Short Term Forecast Using Signal Auto Regressive Method [Download]

Morteza Resaie, Motahereh Keikha, Amir Hossein Khanshan

Object Recognition Using Modified Normalized Cross Correlation [Download]

Ehsan Taghizadeh, Dr. Jalil Shirazi


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