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This issue was published on 1 Oct. 2013

Proficient Detection and Communications in Varied Facility-Oriented Structures [Download]

K. Prasad Reddy, I. Kavitha Jackleen, N. Suneel Kumar, B. Naveen Kumar

Document Retrieval System using Genetic Algorithm [Download]

A. Kalayanasaravan, M. Thangamani, E. T. Venkatesh

Statistical Analysis of CMRI-RMR and Q-system for implementation in depillaring panels of Indian Coal Mines [Download]

Prashant Sharma, V M S R Murthy,  Avinash Paul, Ajoy Kr Singh

Effectiveness of Maintenance Policies for Cellular System Infrastructure Project [Download]

E.C. Ubani, I.C.Nwakanma

Infrastructure Development of Bhopal City:  An Issue [Download]

Tapas Dasgupta

Science of Copper Metallurgy in third Millennium B. C. [Download]

(With Special Reference to Ganeshwar - Jodhpura Culture)

Vineet Godhal

The Implementation and Investigation of Integrating e-business web Applications for Web Engineering [Download]

Hsien-Yu Lee, Nai-Jian Wang

Coal Mining Safety Monitoring Using WSN [Download]

Ashish Kumar, Kriti Singh, Debmalya Bhattacharya

FDI in Indian Telecom Sector a Perspective [Download]

(Telecommunication the Apple of Foreign Investor’s Eye)

Afrah Fathima, Badiuddin Ahmed, Satya Sai Kumar

FDTD Computation of SAR Distributions in Human Head for Mobile Phones [Download]

V. Purushothaman, N.V ignesh, S. Vijayakumar

The Geo/G/1 Queue Model with ‹p,N› Policy Set-Up Time, Multiple Vacation and Disasters [Download]

Song fang Jia, Yanheng Chen

Parametric Approach for Estimation of Technical Efficiency [Download]

Anita Biswas, Smita Verma

Mathematical Programming Approach for Measuring Technical Efficiency [Download]

Smita Verma, Anita Biswas

Performance of Music LMS Algorithm for Smart Antenna [Download]

Manju Jain, Vikas Gupta

Smart Electricity Meters [Download]

Anugreh Khosla

Maltodextrin Encapsulation of Garcinia atroviridis Griff by Spray Drying Technique [Download]

Masniza, M., Hani Izzati, MH., Farah Salina, H. and Rinani Shima, AR

Confidentiality and Honesty-Conserving Range Requests in Instrumental Networks [Download]

V. Munemma, P. Srilatha

Implementation of AEC(Acoustic Echo Cancellation) on Cortex-M4  [Download]

D. Vishnu Vardhan,Vimala Jane Prathima P.

Comparative Analysis of Transimpedance Amplifier of 45 nm and 180nm CMOS Technology [Download]

Akshata Raut, Narendra Bhagat, S.S. Rathod

An Approach For Layout Improvement Of Production Floor Based On Material Handling Cost [Download]

Mr. Subrata Talapatra, Md. Fashiar Rahman, Md. Shah Ali Mollah, Nirupom Paul

Evaluation of Adaptive Beam Forming Algorithm of Smart Antenna [Download]

Rupal sahu, Ravi mohan Sumit Sharma

Review of IEEE 802.15.4 for Intelligent Transport System Application [Download]

Vaibhav P Choudhari, J M Bhattad, Gayatri Bhoyar

Security Level Enhancement in Noisy Environment [Download]

Alka P. Sawlikar, Z. J. Khan, S. G. Akojwar

Design Approach for Cooperative Security in Vehicular Communication Systems [Download]

Pravin P. Ashtankar,  Sonali N. Dhurvey

Performance Analysis of Single path and Multipath Routing Protocol over Cognitive Radio ADHOC Networks [Download]

Rohini D. Pochhi,  Gajanan P. Konde

A Dynamic Optimization Algorithm for Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing With Resource Utilization [Download]

Ram Kumar Sharma, Nagesh Sharma


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