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Pub. Date : 1 March 18

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FDTD Computation of Sar Distributions in Human Head for Mobile Phones [Download]

V.Purushothaman, N.Vignesh, S.Vijayakumar

The Relationship between Technological Factors and Inter-Organizational Information Systems Adoption by Universities in Kenya [Download]

Dr. Stephen Titus Waithaka, Stephen Muathe,Tom Kimani Mburu, Julius Korir

Physical and Engineering Properties of Tamarind Fruit [Download]

N. Karpoora Sundara Pandian , P.Dhananchezhiyan,S.Parveen

Image Optimization using Wavelet based Approach and Quality Assessment of Compressed Image [Download]

Ritu Sharma, Prof. Neeraj Shukla

Analysis of Bhanpur Landfill Leachates : Investigation and Recommendation [Download]

Tapas Dasgupta

An Aid to Dynamic Task Simulations [Download]

Dr. Shamita Chakraborty

Nucleus-Nucleus (Non-monotonic) Potentials and Vector Analyzing Powers of 6Li  Scattering by 16O [Download]

Pretam K. Das , samiron k. Saha

Sustainable Municipal Solid Waste Management of Bhopal City [Download]

Tapas Dasgupta

Suitability of Ground Water for Irrigation near Mula Canal Command Area of Rahuri Tahsil in the Ahmednagar District [Download]

M. Sugirtharan, S. Amuthenie, B.D. Bhakare

Ultra Nano E-Class [Download]

Abhishek Soni , Harshit Pandey

Challenges and Opportunities of Wireless Mobile Communication in India- A Study [Download]

Dr. Badiuddin Ahmed, Syed Hamid Mohiuddin Quadri  , AbdulRub Bin Mohsin

Study of a Hybrid Magneto-Caloric Refrigerator and It’s Applications in the Industry [Download]

Mayur Ingale, Sean D’Silva, Sumit Jain

Estimation of Interharmonics Using Exponential Wave Fitting Algorithm [Download]

D.Kavitha, Dr.P.Renuga,  M.Seetha Lakshmi

Vending Machine Controller with Auto-Billing Features Using Finite State Machine [Download]

Atish Peshattiwar, Shraddha Sangewar, Vilas Alagdeve, Ajay Thatere

An Enhanced Technique in ATM Risk Reduction using Automated Biometrics Fingerprint in Nigeria [Download]

Alexander .N Ndife, Emmanuel .O Ifesinachi, Anthony .U Okolibe, Davies .K Nnanna

Comparison of Two Different Strategies to Control Particle Size Distribution in Batch Emulsion Polymerization Using PID Controller [Download]

Parul Arora, Alok Gupta

Performance Comparison of One Cycle and PWM Controlled Active Filters [Download]

I.E.S Naidu, Dr.V.S.Vakula, T.V.L Obula Reddy, M. Praveen

Indigenous Development of Close-Type Quadrupole Magnets for a 2.5 GeV Synchrotron Radiation Source [Download]

K.Sreeramulu, P.K.Kulshreshta, Vanshree Thakur, Kailash Ruwali, Lakshman Singh, Ashok Kumar, B. Srinivasan, Anil Kumar Mishra, R.S.Shinde

Desertification and Soil Erosion: Dual Effects of Deforestation in JADA Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Nigeria [Download]

Burmamu, B. R., Timtere, P., Aliyu, H. H.

Village Level Disaster Risk Management through Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) at Uttarakhand Himalaya, India [Download]

Abhinav Walia and Indrajit Pal

Use of Information and Communication Technology in Academic Libraries [Download]

Amarjeet Kaur Bhangu


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