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This issue was published on 01 Dec 2013

A Critical Review of Security Mechanisms in Virtual Private Networks [Download]

Raj Jirapure, Sanket Jirapure

Review of Anomaly Detection based on Classifying Frequent Traffic Patterns [Download]

Mayank Nagar, Mr.Sandeep Kumar, Proff.Udaypal Reddy

Differential Evolution Algorithm for Generation Scheduling Considering Valve Point Effects [Download]

C.K. Panigrahi , Rupen Bhattacharya

Analysis Report of Gate Driver Circuit for TFT-LCD [Download]

Aman Saraf, Abhishek N. Tripathi,

Geotechnical Aspects of Light Structures on Expansive Soils [Download]

Tapas Dasgupta

Financial Assessment of Bhanpur Landfil Site [Download]

Tapas Dasgupta

Nanowired Polymer Thin Film Solar Cells [Download]

Dr. K. Siddappa Naidu, Dr. D. Bhattacharya, Mr. Vijay Albert William

Efficient Aerial Image Matching Algorithm for Autonomous Navigation of Aerial Vehicle [Download]

Dr. Debmalya Bhattacharya, Mr. K. Bhaskar

Ultra Capacitor: Alternative Energy Storage Systems [Download]

Ashish Kumar, Kriti Singh, Dr. Debmalya Bhattacharya

Optimal Planning of Hybrid Energy System in Remote Area of Bangladesh [Download]

Md. Kamal Hossain, Bipul Kumar Raha, Japatoash Monndal , Md. Rashedul Islam

Performance analysis of Reliable VM identification using Resource availability method for Cloud Computing [Download]

N.Chandrakala, Dr.P.Sivaprakasam

Study on Prime n-ideals of a Lattice [Download]

Md. Ekramul Islam, Arjuman Ara,Md. Rezwan Ahamed Fahim,Md.Hafizur Rahman

Management and Organization of the Real Agri-Food Supply Chain with the Cost of Waste Degradation [Download]

Fethi Boudahri, Zaki Sari

Performance Evaluation of a Space Time Trellis Coded MIMO-OFDM Wireless Communication System [Download]

A F M Zainul Abadin, Md. Anwar Hossain, Muntasir Ahmed, Purno Mohon Ghosh

Vermicomposting in Solid Waste Management : A Review [Download]

Manyuchi. M .M , Phiri. A

Eco-Architecture: Pet Bottle Houses [Download]

Shilpi Saxena, Monika Singh

Detection of the 6.5- Base Periodicity in the C.elegans introns based on the Frequency Chaos Game Signal and the Complex Morlet Wavelet Analysis [Download]

Imen Messaoudi, Afef Elloumi Oueslati, Zied Lachiri

Distillery Effluent Treatment Using Membrane Bioreactor Technology Utilising Pseudomonas Fluorescens [Download]

M. M. Manyuchi, E. Ketiwa


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