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This issue was published on 01 April 2013

Cost Optimization of Industrial Building using Genetic Algorithm

Rajesh Kumar

Hydrophobic Self-Cleaning Coating Based on Siloxane Modified Waterborne Polyester

Garima Verma, Sarojini Swain, A. S. Khanna

Food Grade Silicone Braided Hose

Sonal B. Prajapati, Prof. Rupande N. Desai

Identification of Longitudinal Aircraft Dynamics by Process Model using MATLAB/SIMULINK

Jitu Sanwale, Dhan Jeet Singh

Recovery of Acetic Acid From Effluent via Freeze Crystallization

Tarak C. Padhiyar, Prof. Suchen B. Thakore

Catalytic Effect of Tungsten on Anaerobic Digestion Process for Biogas Production from Fruit and Vegetable Wastes

Das. A,  Mondal.C

Underwater Robot Control Systems

Govindarajan.R, Arulselvi S., Thamarai P.

Improved Work Station Design for Improved Productivity


The Communal System for Early Detection Microaneurysm and Diabetic Retinopathy Grading Through Color Fundus Images

N. Venkata Krishna, N. Venkata Siva Reddy, M. Venkata Ramana, E. Prasanna Kumar

Performance Analysis of Data Negation  Codes for Cognitive Radio

N. Shribala, Dr.P.Srihari, Dr.B.C.Jinaga

Cloud Computing for Biomedical Information Management

Mohana R.S., Dr.P.Thangaraj, S. Kalaiselvi, B.Krishnakumar

Effect of Addition Of LiBr Salt In isopropanol - Water Binary Azeotropic Mixture

Sanket R. Vora, Prof. Suchen B. Thakore, Prof. Nitin Padhiyar, Ameerkhan Pathan

Software Package for Aerosol Size Distribution

T. A. Rajesh

Classification of EEG Signals under Different Mental Tasks Using Wavelet Transform and Neural Network with One Step Secant Algorithm

Dipti Upadhyay

Piezoelectric Crystals : Future Source of Electricity

Pramathesh.T, Ankur.S

Optimization of Turning Process Parameters Using Multivariate Statistical Method-PCA Coupled with Taguchi Method

Anantha Kumar.P, Dr. Ramesh.M, Parameshwari

Design of Low Power FFT Processor for OFDM Wireless Communication Systems

S.Nirmal kumar, B.K.Santhosh

Dynamic Modeling & Controller Design for Z-Source DC-DC Converter

Shilpa Sarode, S.G. Kadwane

An Overview of Web Data Extraction Techniques

Devika K, Subu Surendran

Improving Thermal Efficiency Of Push Type Furnace In A Hot Re-Rolling Steel Mill By Direct Method : Case Study

Jeetendra Mohan Khare, Sandip Kumar Mishra, Shashank Shrivastava

Improving Industrial Efficiency by Energy Audit

Shashank Shrivastava, Sandip Kumar, Jeetendra Mohan Khare

Application of Module Structure of Algebra in Coding Theory in Different Branches of Engineering

Arvind Kumar Sinha

Approximate Modeling Approaches for Estimating the Parameters of Fatigue

Ait Saadi T., Fournier D., Berred A., Sadeg B., Ait Saadi.B

Ammonia Plant Analysis

Piyush I. Modi, C.G. Bhagchandani

Review Paper on the Use of Artificial Roughness inside a Solar Air Duct to Increase the Heat Transfer Rate inside It

Pushkar Dwivedi, Shankar Singh



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