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Volume 2 Issue 5 was published on 1 May 2013


Computational Hybrids Towards Software Defect Predictions [Download]

Manu Banga

A New Proposal for Mitigation of Power Quality Problems Using D-STATCOM [Download]

M. Anuj Gargeya

Prediction of Geomagnetic Variations Using ANN [Download]

N. Gururajan, V. Kayalvizhi  Prabhakaran

The Use of Ultrasound For The Investigation of Rough Surface Interface [Download]

Ramesh S., K. Srinivasa, Subramanya K. P.

Deaf-Mute Communication Interpreter [Download]

Anbarasi Rajamohan, Hemavathy R., Dhanalakshmi M.

Recognition of Ancient Tamil Handwritten Characters in Palm Manuscripts Using Genetic Algorithm [Download]

E. K. Vellingiriraj, P. Balasubramanie

7Review of Heat Transfer Augmentation Within a Plate Heat Exchanger By Different Shapes Of Ribs [Download]

A. D. Yadav, V. M. Kirplani

Convective Heat and Mass Transfer Flow from a Vertical Surface with Radiation, Chemical reaction and Heat Source/Absorption [Download]

S Karunakar Reddy, D Chenna Kesavaiah M N Raja Shekar

Wireless Transmission Network : A Imagine [Download]

Neeraj Kr.Garg, Radhey Shyam Meena

Process Modification in Dye and Dye Intermediates – Acid Dyes [Download]

Nelson F. Parmar, B. H. Shah

Recognition Capability of ANN For The Analysis of PbO-Doped Sno2 Sensor For Detection of Acetone [Download]

Tanu Bhatnagar

Increasing Yield in the Manufacturing of MPDSA [Download]

Mehul T. Chauhan, R. N. Shukla, Hiral N. Pandya

A Fault-Tolerant Based Load Balancing Model in Distributed Web Environment [Download]

Shyam Bhati, Sandeep Sharma, Karan Singh

Role of Zernike Moments in Hyperspectral Image Classification [Download]

Kavitha K., Arivazhagan S., Dhivya Priya R., Kanaga Sangeetha I.

Estimation of Fire Loads for An Educational Building - A Case Study [Download]

Shrivastava Preeti R., Sawant P. H.

A review of Power Quality Problems-Voltage Sags for Different Faults [Download]

Shailesh M. Deshmukh, Bharti Dewani2, S. P. Gawande

Performance Evaluation of Evolutionary Algorithms for Digital Filter Design [Download]

Ashutosh P., Kasambe P. V.

Rainfall Water Runoff Determination Using Land Cover Classification of Satellite Images For Rain Water Harvesting Application [Download]

Sadashiv Pradhan, Dhiraj Patil, A. V. Chitre, Y. H. Dandawate

Feasibility Study of Fenton Method for the Treatment of Dyeing and Printing Mill Wastewater [Download]

Megha N. Patel, Mitali Shah

An Innovative Approach to File Security Using Bluetooth [Download]

Wankhade S. B., Damani A. G., Desai S. J., Khanapure A.V.

Performance Analysis of Different Inverse Filter Design Techniques [Download]

Kulkarni Pranav R. , A.V. Datar, Ajinkya Deshmukh, R. D. Patil

Quality of Service Routing Issues in Mobile Ad Hoc Network- Review [Download]

Janarthanan S., T. Aruldoss Albert Victoire

Analyzing Performance of VHDL-AMS for Switch Level Modeling and Simulation [Download]

Pooja. A. B., Nupur D.K., Nisha. S. S., Prashant V. K.

Anti Corrosive Rubber Coating [Download]

Atul J. Shah, G.B. Bhagchandani

A Domestic robot for security systems by Video Surveillance using Zigbee Technology [Download]

Md Athiq UR Raza Ahamed M., Wajid ahamed

Network Data Security Using FPGA [Download]

Selva Kumar M., Thamarai P., Arulselvi S.


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