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Volume 2 Issue 6 was published on 1 June 2013

Supply Chain Performance Measurement by Fuzzy Logic Approach [Download]

Rahul Patidar, Nagendra Sohani

Radio-Over-Fiber (ROF) in Cellular Communication [Download]

Vikas Kumar Pandey

Capacitance Based Low Power ALU Design and Implementation on 28nm FPGA [Download]

Bishwajeet Pandey, Jyotsana Yadav, Deepa Singh, Viswam Parthiban

A Study on Characterization and Comparison of Alkali Treated and Untreated Coconut shell Powder Reinforced Polyester Composites [Download]

Nidhi Thaker, B.Srinivasulu and Subhas C.Shit,

Glycerine Removal in Biodiesel Purification Process by Adsorbent from Rice Husk [Download]

Saengprachum N., Pengprecha S., Poothongkam J.

Review of Feature Extraction Techniques in Automatic Speech Recognition [Download]

Shanthi Therese S., Chelpa Lingam

Synthesis, Optical and Thermal Studies on Novel Nonlinear Optical L–Histidine Sodium Thiosulphate Crystal by Solution Growth Technique [Download]

M. Radha Ramanan,   R. Radhakrishnan, S. Krishnan, V. Chithambaram

A Novel Architecture for an Efficient Data Encryption System [Download]

Bhaskar R., Ramakrishna A., Venkateshwarlu K., Haribabu M.

Fluid to Particle Mass Transfer Studies in Downers [Download]

R. Praveen Kumar, Anurag Parihar

A GPS and GIS based Model for an Empirical Study of Village Information System [Download]

M. Nagarajan, Chandan Ashis Gupta

Model-based Collaborative Filtering using Refined K-Means and Genetic Algorithm [Download]

A. Suresh Poobathy, C. Manimegalai

Near Sub-Wavelength Texturization of Silicon Surfaces For Solar Cell Applications [Download]

Santanu Maity, Sahadev Roy

DDT and HCH Residue Load in Animal’s and Mother’s Milk of Lakhimpur Kheeri(Rural Areas), Uttar Pradesh-India [Download]

Ashok Kumar Maurya, P.E. Joseph

Study of Performance Characteristics of Diesel Engine Fuelled with Diesel, Yellow Grease Biodiesel and its Blends [Download]

Virender Singh, Shubham Saxena, Shibayan Ghosh, Ankit Agrawal

Combating Cross Phase Modulation and its Polarisation Effects in Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexed Systems [Download]

T. Sabapathi, K. Bavithra

EZW Algorithm and Computation of Its Coefficients for Image Compression by Using “Bottom-Up” Approach [Download]

M. Mesbahuddin Sarker

Performance Evaluation of Target Tracking Using Various Filters [Download]

Nekkala Sateesh, P.Chandrasekhar

Combating SRS and FWM in an Optical Fiber through Unequal Spacing and Dispersion [Download]

Sabapathi T., Nanthini Devi B.S.

Area Efficient 4-Input decimal adder using CSA and CLA [Download]


RTOS Based Dynamic Scheduler InPower Quality Applications [Download]

Viruthambal K., Arunkumar B., Meena P.

Development of Dining Ontology Based On Image Retrieval [Download]

Lakshmi Palaniappan,Dr. N. Sambasiva Rao, Dr. G. V. Uma

Application of Poincare Plot Analysis in  Geomagnetism [Download]

N. Gururajan, V. Kayalvizhi Prabhakaran

Web Data Extraction and Alignment Tools: A Survey [Download]

Shridevi A. Swami, Pujashree Vidap

Efficient Cross Layer Mitigation in SCADA Network [Download]

S. Thamaraichelvi, N. Rajeshkumar, B. Dineshshankar

Minimizing Congestion in Wireless Sensor Network Using ETRI Dual Queue Scheduler [Download]

Rachana B.S., Ravi  V.

Opinion Mining For Text Classification [Download]

Anand Mahendran, Anjali Duraiswamy, Amulya Reddy, Clayton Gonsalves

Face Recognition Using ANN With Reduce Feature By PCA in Wavelet Domain [Download]

Swati Jain, Dinesh Bhati

Optimization of Process Parameters of Wire Electrical Discharge Machining Using Fuzzy logic Integrated with Taguchi Method [Download]

Rajyalakshmi G., Venkata Ramaiah  P.

Channel  Equalization  using Weiner Filter[Download]

Virendra Singh Chaudhary, Madhu Shandilya


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