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Pub. Date : 1 March 18

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This issue was published on 1 July 2013

COSDES of Junk E-Mail with Junk Free System Scheme [Download]

M. Chitra, D. Eswari

Performance of 3-Phase Neutral Point Clamped Active Front End Multilevel Converter [Download]

Amit Ojha, P. K. Chaturvedi, Arvind Mittal, S. Jain

Comparative Performance Analysis of Insert Geometry for Turning Operation on CNC Turning Centre [Download]

Virender Singh, Tasmeem Ahmad Khan

Mass and Energy Balance in Grate Cooler of Cement Plant [Download]

Raziuddin Ahmad, Tasmeem Ahmad Khan, Vedika Agarwal

Effect of Vermicompost, Vermiwash and Application Time on Zea Mays Growth [Download]

Manyuchi. M. M, Kadzungura. L, Phiri. A, Muredzi. P

Value Addition to Senescent Machine Tools through Retrofitting [Download]

Abhi Chaudhary, Tasmeem Ahmad Khan, Amit Raj Varshney

Design and Optimization of Serve-Over in Concurrent Engineering Using CFD Modelling [Download]

Muna Al fori, Shabib Al Rashdi, Karim Jaballi

Segmentation of Renal Calculi Using Squared Euclidean Distance Method [Download]

Dr. P. R. Tamiselvi

Wavelet Enveloped Power Spectrum and Optimal Filtering For Fault Diagnosis in Gear [Download]

M. Lokesha, Manik Chandra Majumder, K. P. Ramachandran, Khalid Fathi Abdul Raheem

Tuning of PID Controller for Time Delayed Process Using Particle Swarm Optimization [Download]

Neha Kundariya, Jyoti Ohri

Automatic Face Detection in Frontal Face Color Images [Download]

Nidhi Tiwari, N. K. Mittal, S. G. Kerhalker

Image Registration Using Scale Invariant Feature Transform [Download]

N.NagaRaju, T.Satya savitri, Ch.A.Swamy

Modeling and Simulation of Incremental Conductance MPPT Algorithm for Photovoltaic Applications [Download]

Saravana Selvan. D

Subjugating Dispersive and Nonlinear Effects of Optical Soliton using Group Velocity Dispersion [Download]

Anumeet Kaur

A New Algorithm for Tracking of Multiple Moving Objects [Download]

S. J. Rajput, S.D.Oza

Comprehensive Analysis of the Control Strategy for Hybrid Active Power Filter with Injection Circuit [Download]

Minh Thuyen Chau, Van Bao Chau

Transport Studies of AlGaN/GaN High Electron Mobility Transistor Structures [Download]

Sneha P. Chheda

Analysis of Surface Roughness for Turning of Aluminium (6061) Using Regression Analysis [Download]

Zainul abdin shekh, Tasmeem Ahmad Khan

Synthesis, Optical, Mechanical and Thermal Studies on Novel Nonlinear Optical Bisthiourea Potassium Nitrate Crystal by Solution Growth Technique [Download]

M. Radha Ramanan, R. Radhakrishnan, S. Krishnan, V. Chithambaram

Effectiveness of DSTATCOM to Compensate the Load Current Harmonics in Distribution Networks under Various Operating Conditions [Download]

Rajan Sharma, Parag Nijhawan

Concept, Design and Performance Evaluation of VLVIW Processor [Download]

Ranjan Kumar Behera, Deepak Kumar, K. S. Pandey

Design of Power Converters for Solar Fencing System Employed in Agriculture [Download]

B. S. Dhivya, V. Krishnan, R. Arvind, Dr.R. Ramaprabha

Localization of Wireless Sensor Networks Using Robust Estimated Trust Evaluation Model [Download]

M. B. Nirmala, Nayana, A.S.Manjunath

AUTOSAR for Local Interconnect Network Management in Basic Software Modules [Download]

Tejaswini. B. L., Dhruti S.

Design and Implementation of UART using FIFO for Serial Communication [Download]

Sanjeev Kumar

High Speed Colourless Transmitter Based On RSOA [Download]

Praveen Kumar Vatsal, Vikram Singh Yadav, Dr. Soni Changlani

Analysis of Four-Wave-Mixing Effects in Up Stream Transmission Using SOA as Transmitter [Download]

Vikram Singh Yadav, Praveen Kumar Vatsal, Ritesh Kumar

Optimization of WDM PON System for Long Haul Optical Communication based on FBG [Download]

Prem Nath Suman, Rakesh chandan, Dharmendra Singh


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