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This issue was published on 1 Sept. 2013

Waste Management in Bhopal Municipal Corporation Issues and Perspectives [Download]

Tapas Dasgupta

Electrodeposition of Zinc From Low Temperature Molten Salt Electrolyte: Part I-Imidazole And Zinc-Chloride Electrolyte [Download]

Shanmugasigamani Srinivasan, M.Selvam

Synthesis and Characterization of Fe-Catalyst for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Using Biosyngas [Download]

Hanif A. Choudhury, Vijayanand S. Moholkar

The P-Quasihyponormality of the Generalized Aluthge Transform [Download]

S. Sathiyabama

Cell Based Deformation Calculation for Porous Material [Download]

Yi Xiao, Qing-Hua Qin

Optimized Behaviour of MIMO System under Different Equalization Techniques and Modulation Schemes over Rayleigh and Rician Fading Channels [Download]

P Suresh Kumar, P Ratna Bhaskar

Generation of Low Probability of Intercept Signals [Download]

G.Raviprakash, Prashant Tripathi, B. Ravi

Performance of Energy Detection based Spectrum Sensing using Diversity Techniques over Rayleigh Fading Channel [Download]

V. Sri Lakshmi, Dr. S. Sri Gowri

Space Time Trellis Codes Performance with OFDM System [Download]

Pappu Singh Patel, Rohit Shrivastava, Md. Sarwar Raeen

Survey on Adaptive Channel Equalization Techniques using Particle Swarm Optimization [Download]

S. Jaya, R. Vinodha

Studies on Adsorption Efficiency and Kinetics of Dye Removal from Textile Effluent using some Natural Bio-adsorbent [Download]

Md. Azharul Arafath, Mobarak Hossain, S.S. Alam, Raihan Sourav

Design and Fabrication of Prototype of Automated Smart Car Parking System using Programmable Logical Controllers (PLC) [Download]

S.Sarayu, Sri. Sree Rajendra, V.V.Bongale

Document Retrieval using Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering with Multi-view point Similarity Measure Based on Correlation: Performance Analysis [Download]

J. Sankari, Dr. R. Manavalan

Tree-Based Mining with sentiment Analysis for Discovering Patterns of Human Interaction in Meetings [Download]

P. Maheswari, R. Manavalan

Design of the New Competences Relative to the New Policies of the Industrial Maintenance [Download]

Abdelhafid Rachidi, Abdennebi Talbi, Abdellah Khatory

Reducing Peak to Average Power Ratio of OFDM Signals using Tukey Window Technique [Download]

Tangina Sultana, M. S. Ara Showkat, M. S. Alam, Md. Delowar Hossain, Ashis Kumar Mandal

Malicious Attacks in Ad Hoc Networks - Detection & Protection [Download]

Gurnitika Kaur, Khyati Marwah

Biometric Security System based on Fingerprint Recognition [Download]

Amber Habib, Ijlal Shahrukh Ateeq, Kamran Hameed

Record Matching in Web Databases Using Unsupervised Approach [Download]

Fouzia Sultana, Manjusha Kalekuri

Semi-Supervised Least-Squares Conditional Density Estimation [Download]

Rubaiya Rahtin Khan, Masashi Sugiyama

Switching Techniques: Concepts for Low Loss Switching [Download]

Avantika Singh, Ankur Jaiswal, Prof. Shahiruddin

Comparative study of the Dynamic Analysis of Multi-storey Irregular building with or without Base Isolator [Download]

Md. Arman Chowdhury, Wahid Hassan

Electronic Payment System and Economic Growth: A Review of Transition to Cashless Economy in Nigeria [Download]

Oginni Simon Oyewole, El-Maude, Jibreel Gambo, Mohammed Abba, Michael Ezekiel Onuh

Ontology-Based Query Processing In a Dynamic Data Integration System [Download]

Md Mahmudur Rahman

Analysis of Behaviour of Induction Motor with Conventional Converter & Matrix Converter [Download]

Sakshi Dubey Prof. Amol Barve

Energy Management by Recycling of Vehicle Waste Oil in Pakistan [Download]

Hassan Ali Durrani

Analysis of SVPWM Based Speed Control of Induction Motor Drive with using V/F Control Based 3 Level Inverter [Download]

Sujeet Kumar Soni, Anil Gupta


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