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CFP for Vol. 7 Issue 3

Last Date: 10 Feb

Pub. Date : 1 March 18

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Identifying Mobile Devices Requirements for User Interface in Social Networking [Download]

Ibrahim Muktar, JosephNg P. S., Choo P. Y., Wong S.W., Phan K. Y., Lim E. H.

Heat Transfer Augmentation - A Review for Helical Tape Insert [Download]

P. B. Dehankar, N. S. Patil

Teaching Electronic Circuits Using Altium Designer [Download]

Angelo A. Beltran Jr., Cayetano D. Hiwatig, Nelor Jane R. LagunaAgustin, Marjorie B. Villanueva

Characterization of Power Quality Assets through Wavelets [Download]

N. Siva Mallikarjuna Rao, P. Leela Krishna Mohan, K. Gokul Sai Krishna

Stability enhancement of wind power integrated system using PID controlled SVC and Power System Stabilizer [Download]

Nayana K. S., Dr K. Meenakshy

Protect your data in todays world through cryptography [Download]

Kaustubh verma, Shilpi Sharma

Composition of Municipal Solid Waste Generation and Recycling Scenario of Building Materials [Download]

Tapas Dasgupta

Time Study to Compare Different Operation Cycles Included in Manufacturing of Components with Cylindrical Bores [Download]

Siby Varghese, Josephkunju Paul C., S. Karunanidhi, Reji Mathew

Design of Area Efficient Low Power CMOS Adder Cell [Download]

Rammani Kushwaha, Swapneel Bhandarkar

Effects of the Wireless Channel in VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Networks [Download]

Atul Ranjan Srivastava, Vivek Kushwaha

The Brain Signal Detection for Controlling the Robot [Download]

Krishnaveni Yendrapalli, S. S. Naga Pavan Kumar Tammana

Determination of Thermal Performance of Wall Materials for the Construction of Green Building [Download]

Dr. Nagaraj Sitaram

Power Variation with External Load in Vertical Vibration based Electret-Cantilever Micro-Power Generation [Download]

Akin-Ponnle A.E., Ponnle A.A., Falaki S.O.

Rock Mass Characterization for Diversion Tunnels at Diamer Basha Dam,Pakistan a design perspective [Download]

Wahid Ali, Noor Mohammad, Mohammad Tahir

Experimental Bending Behaviour of Sandwich Panel with Numerical Simulation [Download]

P. Vijay Kumar Raju, K. Sunil Kumar, R. Mohanrao

Computing Practically Fast Routes with Cloud-Based Cyber- Physical System [Download]

R. Reddy Kishore Reddy, J. Chandra Babu

Sap Technical Development Using ERP Resources [Download]

K. Harika, B.Uma Mahesh

Study of Tribology Application and its Impact on Indian Industries [Download]

M. Shoeab Sheikh, Navneet Mishra

Measuring Testability of Object Oriented Design: A Systematic Review [Download]

Mahfuzul Huda, Dr. Y.D. S. Arya, Dr. M. H. Khan

Determining Economic Production Quantity in the Presence of Varying Item Size and Stochastic Demand [Download]

Kizito Paul Mubiru

Performance Assessment of NCRI Drum Planter for Direct Seeding of Pre-Germinated Lowland Rice [Download]

Gbabo Agidi, Kolade Moyosore


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