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CFP for Vol. 7 Issue 3

Last Date: 10 Feb

Pub. Date : 1 March 18

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Power Efficient Optimized Arithmetic and Logic Unit Design on FPGA [Download]

Siddharth singh parihar, Prof. Rajni Gupta

Studies on Scrap Tyre Added Concrete for Rigid Pavements [Download]

Eldhose C, Dr. Soosan T. G.

Improvement of Soil Physical and Chemical Properties with Municipal Solid Waste Compost Application in soya bean (Glycine max), Mung (Vignaradiate), Lentil (Lens culinaris) Seeds [Download]

Nisha Gupta, Manisha. Agrawal

Enhancement of the Tensile Strength of Reinforced Concrete Beams Using GFRP [Download]

Mohammad Makki Abbass

A Simulation Research on Linear Beam Forming Transmission [Download]

Angelo A. Beltran Jr., Francisco I. Alano, Vernadette B. Alvarez, Rey Jerald D. Habab, Peter Mark P. Buay

Face Detectionbased Ergonomic Computer Workstation [Download]

Angelo A. Beltran Jr., Erick Powell S. Baldivicio, Kathleen Zillah G. Espere, Jhalysa Mae R. Maminta, Kimberly D. Villostas

Forward Body Biasing Technique in Current Folded CMOS LNA in Subthreshold Region for Biomedical Application [Download]

Saeid Yasami, Magdy Bayoumi

MEMS Based Microneedle Actuator with Piezoresistive Force Feedback System for Biomedical Applications [Download]

Ashen Wijesiri, Y.W.R. Amarasinghe

Preservation of Sugarcane Juice Using Hurdle Technology [Download]

Kanishk Rawat ,Shourya Pokhriyal

Post Harvest Treatment Of Crops Using Emulsified Petroleum [Download]

Shourya Pokhriyal, Kanishk Rawat

Effect of Potassium Foliar Fertilizr on Mineral Status of Biofuel Plant (Jatropha) Grown Under Irrigation by Agricultural Drainage Water[Download]

Mohamed M. Hussein, Wafaa Haggag, Souad M. El-Ashry, Nesreen H. Abou-Baker

Video Streaming Application: Image Quality Analysis of Wireless Ad-hoc Network Routing Protocols [Download]

Mr.Thinaharan Ramachandran, Dr.P. Rajamohan, Dr.R Leelavathi

Performance Analysis and Comparison of Wireless Protocols Standards in WPAN-Bluetooth and WLAN-Wi-Fi [Download]

Dr. P. Rajamohan, Mr. R. Thinaharan, Dr. Leelavathi

Reliability Measurement of an Object Oriented Design: A Systematic Review [Download]

Nidhi Gupta, Dr. Rahul Kumar

Prediction Performance and Generalization of the Empirical Estimation of Rockmass Deformation Modulus Based on Rockmass Classification Systems [Download]

Muhammad Tahir, Noor Mohammad

An Innovative Option for Electrical Energy Conservation with a Step-Up DCto-DC Power Converter Based Grid Tie Inverter [Download]

Zaber Hasan Mahmud1 , Dr. Md. Kamrul Hassan2

Determination Of Some Physical Properties Of Castor (Ricirus Communis) Oil [Download]

Odesanya Kazeem, Olasheu Taiwo, Adebiyi Kazeem, Durowoju Mondiu


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