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Pub. Date : 1 March 18

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This issue was published on 1 Feb 2014

Power Quality Improvement by Using Multipulse AC-DC Converters for Varying Loads [Download]

B. Suresh Kumar

Design and Optimization of 150 m Higher Wind Monitoring Tower (Indian Condition) [Download]

Pramod Kumar Sharma, Dr.Vilas Warudkar, Dr. Siraj Ahmed

CPW-fed Monopole Antenna with L shaped and stair shape slot for Dual-band WLAN/WiMAX Applications [Download]

Jayarani Songa, Prateek Nigam

Exact Traveling Wave Solutions of the Nonlinear (2+1)-Dimensional Typical Breaking Soliton Equation via Exp (?(?))-Expansion Method [Download]

Nizhum Rahman, Harun-Or-Roshid, Md. Nur Alam, Shinthia Zafor

Consideration Spectroscopy Characterization and Influence of Cooperative Up-Conversion in Erbium Doped Ta2o5 Trapezoid Waveguide Amplifier [Download]

Golnoosh Mesri, Mohammad Mohebbi

Development of 0.2C-CrMnMoV Ultra High Strength Steel [Download]

S. K. Maity, Anil Kumar Rajak, M. Chandra Shekhar, S. D. Singh

Engineered Nanoparticle Aerosol Foam Formulation for Skin Diseases [Download]

K.Malarvizhi, D. Ramya Devi, Alfred Raymond, B.N. Vedha Hari

Ranking Sewage Treatment Plants with the Application of Fuzzy Composite Programming [Download]

A. K. Khambete, Dr. R. A. Christian

An Analysis on Scrum Methodology Used For the IT Project for Effective Software Deliverable [Download]

M. Mahalakshmi, Dr. M. Sundararajan

An Approach to Integrate Geographic Information Systems to the proposed Smart Grid for Dhaka, Bangladesh [Download]

Taskin Jamal, Weerakorn Ongsakul, Molla Shahadat Hossain Lipu, Mohammad Shafquatul Islam

Mechanical Behaviour of Geopolymer Concrete under Ambient Curing [Download]

A. R. Krishnaraja, N. P. Sathishkumar, T. Sathish Kumar, P. Dinesh Kumar

Dyeing of Polyester Using Crude Disperse Dyes by Nanoemulsion Technique [Download]

R. D. Kale, Prerana Kane, Kumud Arora, Siddesh Pradhan

Public Key Encryption without using Certificate based on Identity Based Cryptography [Download]

S. Kuzhalvaimozhi, Dr. G. Raghavendra Rao

Estimation of rain induced Specific attenuation [Download]

K. Ramakrishna, Dr. D. Punyaseshudu

Sharing Without Disclosing: Analysis on the Protocols [Download]

Azra siddiqui, Shumail Ahmad Siddiqui

Implementation of low power CMOS design using Adiabatic Improved Efficient Charge Recovery Logic [Download]

Sanjeev Kumar, Murlimanohar Hinnwar

A Survey on Hard Exudates Detection and Segmentation [Download]

Dr. K. Sathiyasekar, S. Karthick, A. Priyadharsini

Partially Occluded Face Recognition and Components Estimation [Download]

Uma Shankar Kurmi, Dheeraj Agrawal, R. K. Baghel

Categories for Housing Performance Evaluation [Download]

Ankita Srivastava, Dr. Yogesh Kumar Garg, Dr. Nakul Dhagat

A Brief Review on Advance Manufacturing Process of Automobile seat Production [Download]

Arindam Ghosal, Vikash Kumar, Samir Ansari

Convective Heat and Mass Transfer Flow Over A Vertical Plate With Nth Order Chemical Reaction In A Porous Medium [Download]

Ime Jimmy Uwanta and Halima Usman

Condition Monitoring of Ball Bearings Using Statistical Analysis [Download]

Dhavalikar Mangesh N., Dr. S. B. Wadkar

Text-to-Speech Synthesis using Phoneme Concatenation [Download]

Mahwash Ahmed, Shibli Nisar

An Analysis of Biomass Technology and its Impact on Multi-fuel Fired Biomass Boiler[Download]

Dr. Rohit Verma

Driver Drowsiness Monitoring [Download]

G. M. Bhandari, Archana Durge, Aparna Bidwai, Urmila Aware

Robust Controller Design for Uncertain Systems [Download]

Supanna S. Kumar, Shreesha C.


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