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CFP for Vol. 7 Issue 3

Last Date: 10 Feb

Pub. Date : 1 March 18

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Some Features of alpha-T2 Space in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Topology [Download]

Rafiqul Islam

The Research of Smart Surveillance System Using Hadoop Based On Craniofacial Identification [Download]

Venkata Lakshmi.K, Venkateswaran .S

Evaluating the Performance of OFDM Transceiver for Image Transfer Using 16 PSK and 16 QAM Modulation Schemes [Download]

Zain ul Abidin Jaffri, Muhammad Tahir, Sundas Rauf

A Novel Approach to Reliability Analysis Using Petri Nets and Ladder Logic Diagrams [Download]

Majid Pakdel and Kazem Mazlumi

Flow Characteristic in Parshall Flume – A Review [Download]

Jalam Singh, H.L.Tiwari, S.K.Mittal

Performances and Analysis of D.C Machine using PID Controller [Download]

Kapinjay Ucharia, Himmat Singh

Study on the Nutritional Status of HIV Infected Adults [Download]

I.Devika, Dr. Thahira Banu .A

An Analytic Research on Steady Heat Conduction through a Circular Cylinder [Download]

Shi Jinsheng

Dielectric Properties of CaCu3Ti4O12 Ceramics by Modified Solid State Reaction Method of Preparation [Download]

Ajay Pratap Singh,  Shilpi Saxena, Monika Singh, Anil Govindan

A Numerical Simulator for Solving Ordinary Differential Equations [Download]

B. K. Datta, N. Rahman & R. C. Bhowmik

Bio-Optical Modelling – Phytoplankton Absorption in Ocean Water [Download]

Anees Fathima Sarmila .N,Arunadevi .E, Abhilash .C , Sumithra .G

Response of Summer Blackgram (Vigna mungo) Varieties to Phosphorus Levels under Lateritic Soils of Konkan [Download]

Madane Ananda Jagannath, M. G. Chavan, V. A. Rajemahadik, J. K. Singh

Characterrization Al-4.5%Cu Alloy and Study of Wear Resistance [Download]

Rajendra kumar kushwaha , Suhail ahmad siddiqui

Comparative Study of Ambient Air Quality around Chandrapur [Download]

Nilesh P. Nandanwar, Arty  K. Dixit,  Kirtiwardan R. Dixit, Sachin  S.Wazalwar

Error  Detection  and   Correction  by   using Different Set Codes for Memory Applications [Download]

Kanagapriya .V, Kavitha .S , KarthiKeyan .S, Sanjay .K

Cloud Based Security Center: To Protect Networking Attack by Forensic Scrutiny [Download]

M. Sankara Mahalingam, M. K. Nagarajan

Strategies and Customers’ Response in Telecommunication  Industry [Download]

Jyoti Kasana, Naveen Chaudhary

Online Social Networking among Professional Students: Impact on Interpersonal Relationship [Download]

Nevil Johnson Raju, Blessy Prabha Valsaraj, Judith A Noronha

Cansjera rheedii j. F. Gmel. A Medicinal Plant-Mediated Synthesis of Silver Nano particles and Their Antibacterial Activity [Download]

I.B. Gokak and T.C. Taranath

The Effect of Inhomogeneous Broadening on Characteristics of Three-State Lasing InGaAs/GaAs Quantum Dot Lasers [Download]

Azam Shafieenezhad, Esfandiar Rajaei ,Saeed Yazdani

Hindi / Marathi Text Messenger for Android [Download]

Vaishali Waghmare, Meenakshi Nikoshe, Prajkta Bhosle, Jyoti Ukey, Prof. Nilima Jichkar

Network Security Using Linux/Unix Firewall [Download]

Archit Uprit

Idea Research Based on Kernel Method in Fault Diagnosis [Download]

Mohammad Reza Vazifeh, Pan Hao


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