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Pub. Date : 1 March 18

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This issue was puiblished on April 01, 2014

Effect of EthanolGasoline Blends On Engine Performance Parameters In Copper Coated Two Stroke Spark Ignition Engine [Download]

S. Narasimha Kumar

Separation of Sillimanite from Beach Sands Contaminated With Shell [Download]

V. Parthiban, G. Bhaskar Raju, N. Vasumathi, T.V. Vijaya Kumar, S. Subba Rao, S. Prabhakar

Textual and Metric Analysis to Figure out all Types of Clones: In Detection Method [Download]

M. Dhivya, R.Bharathi

Blood Lead Level -A Review [Download]

Seema Tiwari, I.P. Tripathi, H.L.Tiwari

Improving the Performance of Approximation Algorithm to Solve Travelling Salesman Problem Using Parallel Algorithm [Download]

Dr. G.S.G.N. Anjaneyulu, Rajnish Dashora, A.Vijayabarathi, Bhupendra Singh Rathore

Providing a Telemedicine System for Diabetic Patients for Controlling the Blood Sugar Level with Solving the Scalability Problems [Download]

Mostafa Akhavansaffar, Mostafa Mokhtari ardakan

A Numerical Simulator for Solving Numerical Integration [Download]

B. K. Datta, N. Rahman, R. C. Bhowmik, S. Paul, M. R. Kabir, U. Roy

Design of High Efficient InN Quantum Dot Based Solar Cell [Download]

M. A. Hossain, J. Mondal, M. Feroz Ali, M. A. A. Humayun

Application of Durable Concrete in Structural Civil Constructions of Albania [Download]


MDIDS: Multiphase Distributed Intrusion Detection in Virtual Network Systems [Download]

S. Usha, Dr. A. Tamilarasi, R. Kalaivanan

Application of Clustering Data Mining Techniques In Temporal Data Sets of Hydrology: A Review [Download]

Rakesh Purviya, H.L. Tiwari, Satanand Mishra

Ultra-Wide Band Modelling and Measurements [Download]

Nidal AbidAl-Hamid Al-Dmour

Analysis of Labour Supply & Use in Small Scale Farming In Ikwuano/Umuahia L.G.A. of Abia State, Nigeria [Download]

Jonah, Ikoku John

Intelligent Based Tracking for Underground Mining Using Fuzzy Logic Approaches [Download]

M. Vinothini, A. Padmabeaula

Comparative Study of Different Image fusion Techniques [Download]

Ms. Mukta V. Parvatikar and Prof. Gargi S. Phadke

Speed Control of a Three Phase Alternating Current Induction Motor Using Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation [Download]

Angelo A. Beltran Jr.

Reduced Image Noise on Shape Recognition Using Singular Value Decomposition for Pick and Place Robotic Systems [Download]

Angelo A. Beltran Jr., Christian Deus T. Cayao,Jay-K V. Delicana, Benjamin B. Agraan Jr.

Acceleration of Stochastic Algorithm on FPGA System [Download]

J. Sheela Arokia Mary

Cloud Computing Security Challenges and Their Compromised Attributes [Download]

Muhammad Aamir, Prof. Xiang Hong, Atif Ali, Wagan, Muhammad Tahir

Hydraulic Energy Dissipaters A Review [Download]

Avinash Panwar, H. L. Tiwari

Iris Recognition based on Local sharp Variation Points [Download]

Yogesh Pandit , Chandan Singh D. Rawat

New Approach to Reduce Energy Consumption in Six Transistors SRAM [Download]

Bilal Ahmed Ansari, Alok Kumar

Effect of Moisture Content on Gasification Efficiency in Down Draft Gasifier [Download]

Hitesh Kumar, Dr Prashant Baredar, Dr Pankaj Agrawal, Dr. S. C. Soni

Effect of Intermediate Sill on the Performance of Stilling Basin Model [Download]

H. L. Tiwari, V.K.Gahlot, Abhay Sharma

A Survey of Multicast Routing Protocols [Download]

R. Janakavi, V. Keerthana, S. Ramya, S. Gayathri Devi

VLSI Implementation of Fixed-Point LMS Adaptive Filter with Low Adaptation Delay [Download]

C. Preethi, M. Praveena

Personal D2H Experience through Web Semantic Services [Download]

Manvendra Singh , Mr. Diwakar Yagyasen

Modelling, Analysis and Fabrication of Supporting System for Lower Limb [Download]

T. S. Sirish, K. S. Sivanandan, Jobin Varghese, P.K. Rajendrakumar

Study on Waste Tyre Rubber As Concrete Aggregates [Download]

Kotresh K. M., Mesfin Getahun Belachew

Performance of Haze Removal Filter for Hazy and Noisy Images [Download]

Yashwant Kurmi, Vijayshri Chaurasia

Comparisons between FPGA Logic Resources and Embedded Resources Used By Discrete Arithmetic (DA) Architecture To Design FIR Filter [Download]

Irfan Ahmed Usmani, Dr. Arshad Aziz, Muzaffar Rao, Razia Zia

Long-Term Effects of Municipal Wastewater Irrigation on Some Properties of a Semiarid Region Soil of Iran [Download]

Hamid Molahoseini


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