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Pub. Date : 1 March 18

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Effects of Temperature on Ilmenite During Concentration of Iron in Laterites Using Charcoal and Separation using Magnetic Separation [Download]

Peterson K. Mutembei, Naftali  T.  Muriithi, Peter  W. Njoroge, Jackson W. Muthengia

TMS320C6713 Based Harmonic Analyzer : A Case Study [Download]

G .K. Andurkar, M. P. Chaudhari

Green Computing Strategies for Improving Energy Efficiency in IT Systems [Download]

Jacob John

Some Unusual Observations about an Achromatic Index of Graphs [Download]

Dr. S. D. Deo, Ganesh Vishwas Joshi

An Insilico Methodology for Predicting Novel Micro RNAs with Therapeutic Significance [Download]

Harishchander Anandaram, Daniel Alex Anand

Silicon (IV) Complexes of Schiff Base : Preparation and Characterization [Download]

Gurjaspreet Singh, Mridula Garg, Pooja, Manu Dabas, Jasbhinder Singh

Scope of Polyester Cotton Blended Single Jersey Knit Fabric Finishing Without Heat Setting [Download]

Shahjalal Khandaker, M A Rahman Bhuiyan, M A Hannan, M A al Faruque, A Y M Anwarul Azim, M A Rouf

Handwritten Character Recognition for English and Telugu Scripts Using Multi Layer Perceptions (MLP) [Download]

P. V. Manoj, A. K. Sahoo, Samudra Gupt Maurya, Rohit Kumar

Comparison of the Efficacy of Two Bioflocculants in Water Treatment [Download]

Belbahloul Mounir, Zouhri Abdeljalil, Anouar Abdellah

Improvement and Implementation of Software Quality by Using Software Metrics [Download]

Dileram Bansal, Ajit Saxena, Gajendra Singh

Review - Analytical Techniques of Urban Municipal Solid Waste Management System in City of Lakes : Bhopal [Download]

Tapas Dasgupta, Amit Vishwakarma, Surendra Sarsaiya

Vicious Chronicles of Virology [Download]

Chetan Datta Poduri

An Improved Fragile Watermarking Method for Tamper Detection in RFID Tag [Download]

Kishor T. Patil, Dr. Santosh K. Narayankhedkar

Design and Development of Double Wishbone Electro-Hydraulic Active Suspension System [Download]

Mr. K. S. Patil, Prof.V. R. Gambhire

Clone Removal V/S Clone Avoidance [Download]

Ritu Garg, Rajesh Bhatia

Automation of Packaging and Material Handling Using Programmable Logic Controller [Download]

Joanna Marie M. Baroro, Melchizedek I. Alipio, Michael Lawrence T. Huang, Teodoro M. Ricamara, Angelo A. Beltran Jr.

A Hybrid JPEG & JPEG 2000 Image Compression Scheme for Gray Images [Download]

Amita Rakshit, Tapaswini Pattnaik

Area Efficient of Max Log Map Algorithm Using SB/DB Methods for Turbo Decoder [Download]

S. Ashwini, P. Maniraj Kumar, S. Umayal, Dr. S. Sutha

Feature Selection Using ABC forthe Lung CT Scan Images [Download]

S. Sivakumar, Dr. C. Chandrasekar

Shot Boundary Detection Using Shifting of Image Frame [Download]

Rahul Kumar Garg, Gaurav Saxena

Antimicrobial Activities Of Certain South Indian Medicinal Plants [Download]

K. Subramani, R. Karnan

Molecular Modeling of Ribosomal Protein L4 In HUNGARY 19A-6 Strain Of Streptococcus Pneumoniae And Analysis Of Lead Molecular Interaction [Download]

Balasankar Karavadi and M Xavier Suresh

Implementation of neuro and fuzzy logic in sensing the position of BLDCM Intelligent control of BLDCM: A Literature Review [Download]

Zoya Kirmani, Nand Kishore

Chemical Investigation of Merremia Gangetica [Download]

S.Mohan, K.Subramani

Failure of Boundary Walls in Bhopal: An Investigation [Download]

Tapas Dasgupta

Study of Parameters for Improving Quality of Technical Education with Customer Satisfaction via Quality Function Deployment [Download]

Abhishek Soni, Sanjay Soni, Dr. Sameer Vaidhya

Detecting Duplication and Double MPEG Compression-A Survey [Download]

Gayatri Dakhode

Comparative Analysis of Three Topologies of Three-Phase Five Level Inverter [Download]

H. S. Sangolkar, P. A. Salodkar

Optimized Optical Filtering For 40 Gb/s/Channel Optical  Differential  Quadrature  Phase  Shift  Key (DQPSK), In DWDM Systems For Acces Network [Download]

S. Benameur, M. Kandouci, C. Aupetit-Berthelemot

Effective and Efficient Optimization in RC4 Stream [Download]

N. Sivasankari, A. Yogananth

Small-Size Circular Patch Antenna Using a Cross Slot With Unequal Slot Lengths [Download]

Jitender Kumar, Aruna Pathak, Vishnukant Tiwari, Vishal Gupta


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