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This issue was published on July 01, 2014


BMAISPHM: A Secured Patient Healthcare Mobile Monitoring using Cloud Computing [Download]

Dr. P. Raja Rajeswari, J.Jameson, V.Premalatha

Dyeing of Cotton and Silk Fabric with Purified Natural Curcumin Dye[Download]

Md. Mahabub Hasan,  Khandakar Abu Nayem , Abu Yousuf Mohammad Anwarul Azim

A Survey on Optimization Approaches to K-Means Clustering using Simulated Annealing [Download]

Abha Kaushik, Subhajit Ghosh , Sunita kumara

Some New Exact Travelling Wave Solutions of the Cubic Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation using the () -Expansion Method [Download]

M. Golam Hafez, M. A. Kauser, M. Tahmina Akter

Silica Bonded S-Sulphonic Acid as a Green Catalyst in the Synthesis of Functionalized Pyrimidine under Solvent-Free Microwave Irradiation Conditions [Download]

G.Sivagamisundari, A.Mercy Pushpalatha, S.Julie Ranee

Test Case Prioritization Based On Faults [Download]

R.Pradeepa, Dr.K.VimalaDevi

Study of the Impact of Plaster Of Paris (Pop) and Clay Idols Immersion in Water [Download]

N.P. Shukla, P.S. Bundela, S.K. Khare , S. Sarsaiya

VLIW Processor Architecture Exploration for Facial-Feature and component extraction [Download]

Nadia Nacer, Bouraoui Mahmoud, Mohamed Hedi Bedoui

Vibration Analysis of Composite Leaf Spring for a Light Commercial Vehicle (TATA ACE) [Download]

Manjunath H.N, Manjunath.K, T.Rangaswamy

The Effect of Chlorhydric Acid Activation on the Physico-Chemical and Rheological Properties of A Kaolinite [Download]

O. Ngomo, J. M. Sieliechi, J.B. Tchatchueng, R. Kamga, A. Tabacaru, R. Dinica , M. Praisler

Soil Improvement By Using Jute Geotextile And Sand A Comparative Study[Download]

Tapas Dasgupta

Compressible Clay Soil As Backfill Material : Problems And Remedial Measures [Download]

Tapas Dasgupta

Determining Stress Intensity Factor for Cracked Brazilian Disc Using Extended Finite Element Method [Download]

M. Eftekhari, A. Baghbanan, H. Hashemolhosseini

Effects of Chemical Reaction and Thermal Diffusion on Mixed Convective Mass Transfer Flow in Permeable Media with Heat Generation/Absorption[Download]

Sanjib Sengupta

An Experimental Investigation of Two Phase Natural Circulation Loop (NCL) with End Heat Exchangers [Download]

Ummid I. Shaikh, R. R. Kulkarni

Experimental Heat Transfer Studies of Water in Corrugated Plate Heat Exchangers: Effect of Corrugation Angle [Download]

B. Sreedhara Rao, Varun S, Surywanshi G D, Prof. R C Sastry

Effect of Aggregate Types on Flexural Strength of Concrete [Download]

Kanawade Bhimaji Dashrath, Nawale Mahesh Anil, Wakchaure M.R. , Kulkarni V.P.

Stepped Cut Four Corners Microstrip Patch Antenna Toenhance Bandwidth at 7.5 Ghz for Wireless Communications [Download]

Agni Venkata Krishna

Abrasive Wear Characterization for Different Grades of Tungsten Carbide Material [Download]

Navya H.N, Manjunath.K, Ravishankar R.S

Forensic Technique for Detecting Image Tampering using Statistical Intrinsic Fingerprints- A Survey [Download]

Dhanshri P.  Patil

Performance of LAS-CDMA System [Download]

Neha Arora, D. P. Chechi, Pankaj Batra

A Numerical Study of Flow Dispersion Stresses in 2D Depth Averaged Model for Curvilinear Flow Domain [Download]

M.P.Akhtar, Nayan Sharma, C.S.P.Ojha, D.J. Bergstrom

Early Iron and Steel production in Sri Lanka:A Scientific Perspective[Download]

Prabath Hewageegana

Methods and Devices to Determine Hemoglobin Non Invasively: A Review[Download]

Sandeep Patil H G, Dr Ramkumar P S, Dr G K Prabhu, Dr Ajith N Babu

The Effect of length of a T Shape Spur Dike on Flow Patterns in 90o Bend Channel with Support Structure [Download]

Mohamad Vaghefi,Arash Ahmadi, Behroz Faraji,Mitra Javan,Afshin Eghbalzadeh

Design & Development of Automated Validation Framework for Graphics Display Driver [Download]

Shilpa Hadimani, DR.Padma.S.K, Mr.Sridharan.M

Dynamics of Ethyl Benzene Synthesis Using Aspen Dynamics [Download]

A. Sarath Babu, Babasheb Londhe

Performance Enhancement of PID Tuning of DC Servomotor using Metaheuristic Algorithm [Download]

M. Gunalan, I. Elamvazuthi*, NH. Hamid , T. Ganesan

A Survey on Telemedicine Approach Using Cross Layer Design in Video Streaming [Download]

Arun Raj.L, Srinivasan.A, Dhivahar.P, Sweta.N

Enhanced Image by Wavelet Based Compression Method [Download]

V. V. D. K. Prasad, M. Suresh, A. Murali Krishna

Experimental Investigation on Bed Shear Stress Distribution in a 180 Degree Sharp Bend by using Depth-Averaged Method [Download]

M. Vaghefi, M. Akbari, A. R. Fiouz

Development of an Object Oriented Program for Traverse Computation[Download]

Odumosu, J. O; Ajayi, O. G;  Ibrahim. P;  Okorocha, V. C; Idowu. F. F

EGMPS: A New robust and Scalable Multicasting Routing Protocol [Download]

Namrata Arya

Optimal Operation of Smart Grids Based on Power Loss Minimization Using Distribution Optimal Power Flow Model [Download]

Seyed Morteza Fazeli, Ali Zangeneh, Mohsen Kalantar

Effects of Resin Finish on Cotton Blended Woven Fabrics [Download]

Azmary Akter Mukthy, Abu Yousuf Mohammad Anwarul Azim


Correlation Between the Reported Earthquakes Damages from the Magnitude 6.5 Lake Tanganyika earthquake of October 2, 2000 and the Simulated PGA Shaking Maps [Download]

Asinta Manyele, Alfred Mwambela

Control Strategy and Simulation In Steer By Wire System [Download]

Jack J. Kenned


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