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This issue was published on Aug. 01, 2014

Coping with Information Security Breaches from Inside: A Strategic Approach [Download]

Sangseo Park

Cooperative and constrained MIMO communication in wireless Adhoc sensor network [Download]

K.Shiva Prasad

Digital Image Watermarking using Fractional Fourier Transform with Different Attacks [Download]

Apoorv Tiwari , Akhilesh pandey, Mahendra Kumar

A Prototype Steam Storage System for Power Production [Download]

Kawira M., Kinyua R. , Kamau J.N.

Novel edible coating based on Aloe Vera Gel to Maintain pistachio Quality [Download]

Maryam Vanaei,Naser Sedaghat, Hossein Abbaspour ,Mehdi Kaviani ,Hamid Reza Azarbad

Enhancing Citizens’ Visual Comfort by Focusing on Skyline Native Models in Urban Landscape Using AHP Method (Case Study: Imam Khomeini St. of Mashhad) [Download]

SeyedAmir Kaboli Farshchi , Mohammadreza Mabhoot, Ali Ahmadi Rastegar

Achieving sustainable urban security in insecure areas with CPTED approach (Case Study: Javadieh neighborhood of Bojnourd) [Download]

Zahra Heidarzadeh

Review on Energy Modeling of Urban Municipal Solid Waste Management System to the City of Lake, Bhopal [Download]

Tapas Dasgupta

A Novel Approach for Transmitting Secret Data Based on Chaotic Map and Spread Spectrum Watermarking in Frequency Domain [Download]

Maryam Abbasi, Saeed Shaerbaf Tabrizi, Payman Goli

Magnetic Concentration of Iron in Lateritic Soils from Kamahuha, Murang’a County, in Kenya using Carbon Monoxide Generated In-Situ [Download]

Njoroge, P. W., Mutembei P. K., Wachira, J. M. and Wanjau, R.

The Estimation of Oxide Polarizability using the Electronegativity for Li2O:B2O3:SiO2 Glass System[Download]

D. B. Thombre

A Survey of Multispectral Palmprint Identification Techniques [Download]

Jayshri P. Patil, Chhaya Nayak

Expert System Design to Predict Heart and Diabetes Diseases [Download]

ShravanKumar Uppin, Anusuya M A

Time Series Data Mining in Rainfall Forecasting Using Artificial Neural Network [Download]

Prince Gupta, Satanand Mishra, S.K.Pandey

Accelerometer Based Direction Controlled Wheelchair Using Gesture Technology [Download]

Manisha Devi, B.Anil Kumar

Thermal Characterization and Fracture Toughness of Sisal Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite[Download]

Tanveer Alam, M.K. Gupta, R.K. Srivastava, Harinder Singh

Design and Implementation of Power Management System Utilizing Super capacitors for Hybrid Vehicles [Download]

Marc Angelo Z. Amador, Marc Anthony C. Lina, Alexyz G. Aquino, Filipe A. Gutteres, Alfredo U. Ganggangan, Angelo A. Beltran Jr.

Adopting Rationing of Fuel as an Economical Measure to Enhance Fuel Sustainability and Reduce Vehicular Emissions [Download]

Udayashankara T.H., Divya M., Manjula M., Shruthi L., Karthik K.M.

Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Using Layered Based Approach For Finding Attack [Download]

Suman Bharti, Dr. Savita shiwani, Dinesh Goyal, Vinit Agrawal

Modeling and Analysis of Rotating Seal and Friction Damper; Calculation of Damper Stiffness[Download]

Dipendra Singh, V Suresh Babu, J Srinivasan


Utilization of Ash as a Structural Fill in Low-lying Areas [Download]

R.Pathak, A.Bhardwaj

Analysis of Various Shape of Planar Metal Plate Monopole Antenna for UWB Application [Download]

Devendra Kumar Nandanwar, Mr.Shailendra Singh Pawar

Performance Analysis and Special Security Issues of Secure Routing Protocols in Ad-Hoc Networks[Download]

Dr. P. Rajamohan, Mr. Wong Chee Kong

Performance Analysis in Pacemaker Electrode and Study Effect Electric Resistance [Download]

S. Iman Zonoori, Elaheh Nikkhah Bahrami, Zahra Bahrami, Shahin Rezvani Abravani

VLSI Implementation of Montgomery Multiplier in Finite Field Arithmetic for ECC over GF(2^163)[Download]

Shemina A Karim, Reneesh C.Zacharia, Rijo Sebastian

Study and Implementation of Programmable DDC in SDRP [Download]

Arsha Unnithan, Ananthan P., Shibu R.M., Harikrishnan B.

Study on Two way RC Slab using ANSYS with and without central opening [Download]

Sheetal Gawas, Dr. S.V.Itti

Study and Analysis of Three Phase Voltage Source Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive in Various Pulse Width Modulation Techniques [Download]

S. Manivannan, S. Veerakumar, P. Karuppusamy, A. Nandhakumar

A Deterministic Mathematical Model on Cholera Dynamics and Some Control Strategies [Download]

Sani A. Fakai, M. O. Ibrahim, Abdul Moid Siddiqui

Design and Analysis of Tunable Infrared Photodetector Using Defect Based 1D Photonic Crystal [Download]

Alireza Mobini


Symmetric and Asymmetric Cryptography Algorithm for Improving Data Security [Download]

Jasdeep Dhillon


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