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CFP for Vol. 7 Issue 3

Last Date: 10 Feb

Pub. Date : 1 March 18

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The Growth and Decay Behavior of Sonic Waves in Non-Ideal Gases[Download]

Abdul Moid Siddiqui, Sani A. Fakai

SCADA Based Power Control System Using PLC [Download]

Mrs Bhavna Pancholi, Damor Mehul Manubhai

Wheel Rail Rolling Contact [Download]

Sumant P. Patel , Dr. Ashish V. Gohil

A Review on Wastewater Treatment Using Sequential Batchreactor[Download]

D. Dohare, Nupur Kesharwani

Review on –Analysis of Solid Waste Management Scenarios in Bhopal City[Download]

Tapas Dasgupta

Centralized Train Management System [Download]

Karan Savla, Vatsal Shah, Hemil Shah, Darpan Damani

Numerical Simulation-Optimization for Channelization of River Kosi[Download]

Sanjay A. Burele, Nayan Sharma, Z. Ahmad, Ishwer D. Gupta

Purification of Gases Using Nanoporous Inorganic Membranes [Download]

M. N. Kajama, H. Shehu, E. Gobina

Total Quality Management: A Critical Component for Effective Delivery of Manufacturing Project [Download]

Nwakanma I.C., Ubani E.C., Asiegbu B.C., Ngene S.C.

A  Wideband U & Rectangular Slotted Rectangular Shaped Micro-strip Patch Antenna for Broadband Application [Download]

Anshul Shrivastava ,  Neha Rai, Ankita Rajput

Climate Change Impact on Haor flooding in Bangladesh using Three Global Circulation Models [Download]

Asadusjjaman Suman, Farnaz Akther, Biswa Bhattacharya

Wireless Intelligent Billing Trolley for Malls [Download]

Ekta Maini, Jyoti Shettar

Content Based Image Retrieval Using Hybrid Technique [Download]

Gaganjot Kaur Dhillon, Ishpreet Singh Virk

Integration of Gas Transport through a Composite Catalytic Inorganic Ceramic Membrane for Environmental Gas Separation Processes [Download]

Ngozi Nwogu, Edidiong Okon,Edward Gobina

Preliminary Design of Multifunctional Structural-Energetic Materials for High Density, High Strength and Release of High Enthalpic Energy[Download]

Roussislava Zaharieva,Sathya Hanagud

Design of Intze Tank in Perspective of Revision of IS: 3370 [Download]

Ranjit Singh Lodhi, Dr. Abhay Sharma, Dr. Vivek Garg

Chromium (VI) Adsorption and its Kinetic Studies Using Industrial Spent Biomass [Download]

A Niveditha, Pradima J., Dr. Archna

Localization using Modified Stochastic Proximity Embedding under Correlated Shadowing [Download]

Sameera V Mohd Sagheer,  R.Nandakumar

The Modeling of Ground Improvement with Stone Columns [Download]

Bahador Reihani, Masoud dehghani

Solution of a Porous Medium Problem Using Laplace Transform[Download]

Dr. Shama M. Mulla, Dr. Chhaya H.Desai

Forecasting Non-Stationary Time Series Method of Allocation Patterns[Download]

Perminov GI

Development of a Low Cost Microcontroller Based Under and Over Voltage Protection Device [Download]

Ponnle A. A., Omojoyegbe M. O.


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